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Day 33 (July 10th)

End of Our WC Saga

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Ivan and Dean head back home to the USA today. I caught a late night/early morning train from Munich back to Konstanz in order to go to work today (back at 8am, work by 9am). It’s been a wild ride. We saw many live games in the stadiums(personally, I got to see 12) and enjoyed many others – I think the Movie Theater in Berlin might’ve been my favorite, non-live, place.
Germany was a terrific host as the country and the people welcome us with open arms and were great to be around. I would’ve liked to see them win the cup, if for no other reason that they were great hosts (they were playing attractive soccer games, too).
This is the last entry for this blog, hope you enjoyed it. It was fun to document our travels along the way. Of course, it was tied more to my experiences, so ask the others about their stories if you crave more. There’s also tons more pictures, too.
There are rumors that South Africa might not be able to support the cup in 2010 as planned and that the USA might step in. I guess we’ll see about that, but let the countdown begin for the next one – only a little over 1,400 days Auf wiedersehen!

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